The 6 Best Cold Calling Software for Generating More Sales Leads in 2024

The 6 Best Cold Calling Software for Generating More Sales Leads in 2024

Introduction To 6 Best Cold Calling Software

Cold calling is an essential sales and marketing technique, but it can be tough to do effectively without the right tools. While some companies still rely solely on manual phone calls, the best cold calling software streamlines the process and helps reps connect with more prospects.

In this post, we’ll explore the top cold calling solutions on the market and evaluate their key features and benefits. We’ll also provide buyer personas for each option so you can choose the software that best fits your team’s needs and workflow. By the end, you’ll have a full understanding of the tools available to boost your cold calling results.

Top Cold Calling Software Options

  1. Talkdesk Cloud Contact Center

    Talkdesk is one of the leading providers of omnichannel contact center platforms. Their cold calling software is fully integrated into their broader system, allowing reps to seamlessly transition contacts between phone, email, chat, messaging, and more.

Key features include predictive dialing, call recording, CRM integration, scripting/call guides, and customizable dashboards. Talkdesk also offers AI-powered augmentation like workflow automation and natural language understanding.

Best for: Mid-to-large businesses with robust multi-channel contact center needs. The all-in-one platform provides a lot of functionality but may be overkill for smaller teams.

  1. Five9

    Five9 is another top dog in the contact center space known for its powerful dialing capabilities. Their cold calling solution supports progressive, predictive, and preview dialing modes to maximize rep productivity.

Reps get tools like call recording, caller analytics, call coaching, and on-screen call controls. Management can view real-time metrics and customize dashboards. Five9 also integrates with many leading CRMs.

Best for: Mid-market companies with robust cold calling campaigns but who may not need Talkdesk’s full-featured platform. Five9 offers strong telephony without the complex multi-channel integration.

  1. ConnectAndSell

    ConnectAndSell is a dedicated cold calling application designed for sales development reps. It streamlines the research, dialing, and follow-up processes through a simple yet powerful user experience.

Key features include auto-populated call lists from LinkedIn, dialer integration with VoIP services, call tracking/recording, sales notes, and activity logging. ConnectAndSell also integrates with popular CRMs like Salesforce.

Best for: Smaller teams focused purely on cold calling outreach rather than multi-channel customer service. The purpose-built tool provides essential functionality without enterprise-level costs.

  1. Voiptime

    Voiptime takes a hybrid approach as both a cloud phone system and standalone cold calling application. It offers progressive and predictive dialing, call recording, and detailed call reports.

What sets Voiptime apart is its scripting capabilities. Reps can create customizable call scripts with branching logic, reminders, and call tracking directly within the dialer interface. integrated CRM, and competitive pricing plans.

Best for: Sales development teams that need robust scripting and call tracking functionality at an affordable price point. The dialing tools are easy to use without extra fluff.

  1. VanillaSoft

    VanillaSoft is a full-featured CRM with communication tools like email marketing, chat, and SMS integrated alongside cold calling capabilities. Reps can build customized prospect lists and leverage information pulled from the CRM.

Key differentiators include AI-powered contact insights gleaned from web behaviors, social profiles, and CRM data. Predictive analytics help surface the most qualified leads. VanillaSoft is also highly customizable through no-code configuration.

Best for: SaaS companies and organizations that want cold calling seamlessly embedded within a unified platform for full sales and marketing automation. The AI components add unique value.

  1. InsideSales

InsideSales brings cold calling into the modern era through AI sophistication and an emphasis on engagement over volume. Their predictive matching AI surfaces ideal prospects based on intent and firmographic signals.

Reps gain prioritized contact lists along with call scoring to understand engagement levels. AI-powered call coaching provides silent monitoring and recommendations. Detailed reporting offers actionable takeaways.

Best for: Companies seeking to modernize lead generation through AI-driven intelligence rather than brute force dialing. InsideSales focuses reps on quality over quantity for long-term success.

How to Choose the Right Cold Calling Software

To select the solution best suited for your needs, consider the following:

  • Budget – Pricing varies significantly so choose an option that aligns to your budget without compromising essential features.
  • Team size – Enterprise platforms may be overkill for small teams while basic options lack power for larger orgs. Match scale.
  • Required features – Know exactly what functionality you need like predictive dialing, CRM integration, scripting etc.
  • Growth plans – Evaluate options that can scale alongside your evolving needs rather than limit future potential.
  • Workflows – Choose software that seamlessly slots into your unique sales process rather than requiring workflow disruption.
  • Training support – Ease of adoption is critical. Favor vendors with robust training, documentation, and support.
  • Reporting – Advanced analytics give actionable insights but simple is sufficient if just tracking call volumes.

With the right preparation and vendor selection, an investment in outbound calling software translates to increased lead generation, higher conversion rates, and overall sales acceleration.

FAQs About Cold Calling Software

Q: How much does cold calling software typically cost?

A: Pricing depends on features and scale but basic solutions start around $25-$50 per user monthly. Mid-tier options range between $50-$100, while high-end enterprise platforms exceed $100 with additional fees for extra users, integrations, and support. Always request quotes from multiple vendors.

Q: Is cold calling still effective in today’s market?

A: Absolutely, when done correctly. Done poorly, cold calling receives distrust. But targeted outreach to warm prospects at the right moment, using tools like predictive matching and AI assistance, can boost response rates. The key is adding value versus just pitching.

Q: What’s the difference between predictive and progressive dialing?

A: Predictive dialing automatically dials multiple prospects simultaneously to maximize agent utilization. Progressive dialing sequentially dials one contact at a time to ensure an available agent. Predictive is faster while progressive allows enough time to connect each call.

Q: Can cold calling software integrate with my CRM?

A: Yes, the top solutions offer seamless CRM syncing – typically with apps like Salesforce, HubSpot, Microsoft Dynamics, and Zoho. This unified data flow lets reps access complete contact profiles and update info across platforms with a single login.

Q: What features should I look for in cold calling software?

A: Essentials include predictive/progressive dialing, CRM integration, call tracking/recording, scripting, customized prospect lists, real-time reporting, and training/onboarding support. Consider solutions also offering artificial intelligence like predictive matching, call scoring, coaching feedback.

Q: How quickly can I see ROI from cold calling software?

A: Most experts estimate a 3-6 month window depending on campaign size and your unique sales cycle. Faster results are achievable by ensuring reps employ best practices and managers provide proper oversight. Track metrics like connections, demos booked, and closed deals over time.


Armed with the right cold calling software, sales development reps can quickly ramp up outreach efficiency and productivity levels. Investing in one of today’s leading solutions streamlines the outbound process and helps representatives engage with a much higher volume of prospective buyers.

By choosing software tailored to your unique process and budgetary needs, teams maximize return on investment within a short period. With the technologies, tips, and guidance outlined here, you now have everything required to boost your cold calling performance and start generating more qualified sales opportunities.