About Our Crew of Software Companions


Whether you’re just starting your programming journey or are a seasoned veteran always looking to learn, Softwaresavvy is here to help you stay savvy on all things software. As your host of software informational companions, our mission is to be your one-stop resource for everything from tutorials to tool recommendations and beyond.


Leading the way is site creator and chief blogger Emily Turner. With over a decade of experience in web development, Emily found herself constantly field testing and reviewing the latest coding resources – and realized others could benefit from her findings too. Beyond writing approachable explanations of even the most complex concepts, Emily is passionate about mentoring the next generation of developers. In her spare time, you can find her volunteering at local schools, helping students bring their ideas to life through code.


To keep content fresh and relevant, Emily’s squad includes tech-savvy freelancers who test and report on the latest languages, frameworks, and APIs. Our crew has backgrounds spanning web, mobile, backend and more. We even have an AI assistant keeping tabs on emerging tech trends. By sharing diverse perspectives, our goal is for Softwaresavvy to be a welcoming learning community for coders of all levels and specialties.


In addition to detailed tutorials and reviews, an important part of our mission involves fostering real-world connections. We host regular virtual meetups where our community can gather online, learn from guest speakers, and bounce ideas off one another. Past events have featured everything from deep dives on code quality practices to panels discussing experiences of women in tech. We also partner with local organizations to plan in-person meetups and workshops as health guidelines allow.


Whether you need guidance on a new library, tool suggestions for a side project, or just someone to brainstorm solutions with, our crew of coding companions has your back. Think of us as your software savvy squad, dedicated to helping you problem-solve, learn and grow your skills. Blog comments, social media DMs, and email are all welcome ways to get advice from Emily and our team of volunteer contributors. We hope Softwaresavvy can be your online home for all things software. Now let’s get to work on your next project!