A Complete Guide to VanillaSoft Contact Center Software

 A Complete Guide to VanillaSoft Contact Center Software


In today’s digital landscape, customers seamlessly move between different communication channels – from phone calls to messaging apps. This omnichannel reality requires evolved contact center platforms that provide unified, contextual experiences across all touchpoints.

VanillaSoft aims to address this with a complete cloud-based software suite. This guide will explore VanillaSoft’s capabilities in-depth. We’ll analyze key components like omnichannel support, intelligent routing, workforce optimization tools and more. We’ll also look at pricing, implementation services, and customer case studies.

By the end, you’ll understand how VanillaSoft streamlines complex contact centers into powerful yet user-friendly systems – ultimately delivering more personalized customer journeys.

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Omnichannel Capabilities

Providing consistent, integrated service across channels is crucial. VanillaSoft’s platform handles interactions via:

  • Voice: Manage calls along with call recording, monitoring, IVR functions, and integration with leading PBX systems.
  • Chat: Support live web and mobile messaging with bots, co-browsing, and interaction handoffs.
  • Email: View, respond to, and route customer emails from a centralized inbox.
  • Social: Monitor Facebook, Twitter, and other networks while offering support directly.
  • Custom: Integrate virtually any communication method through open APIs.

Real-time Dashboards and Analytics

Managers gain critical insights through real-time and historical reporting across channels:

  • Contact volumes and response times by department, agent, priority and more
  • First call resolution rates and reasons for recurring issues
  • Agent performance stats like handle times, occupancy, skills proficiency
  • Identification of trends to refine staffing, processes, technology use

With VanillaSoft, teams continuously improve service levels based on past empirical data.

Knowledge Management

Central knowledge bases contain approved resolutions to common queries. Agents access relevant articles and scripts dynamically within conversations for consistent, compliant assistance.

Customers benefit from timely resolution while building brand loyalty. Admins ensure regulatory adherence and quality standards company-wide. Articles can also integrate directly into externally-facing FAQ pages.

Workforce Optimization

Features like forecasting, scheduling, time sheets, quality monitoring and learning plans optimize productivity:

  • Forecasting analyzes historical trends to precisely match staffing needs with contact volume forecasts.
  • Automated schedules utilize employee skills and availability to route work efficiently.
  • Quality monitoring via random call recording supports coaching, compliance, and dispute resolution.

Overall, VanillaSoft streamlines communication workflows from the initial query through final resolution and follow up.

Real Customer Implementations

Leading customers saw significant results using VanillaSoft:

  • Allstate Insurance shortened average wait time 2 minutes by routing omnichannel conversations intelligently based on customer preferences and agent skills.
  • 23andMe improved customer satisfaction 40% through self-service options and contextual interactions powered by integrated knowledge bases.
  • ADP enhanced agent productivity 15% on average through optimized schedules and automated scripts/workflows informed by past performance metrics.

Pricing and Deployment Support

VanillaSoft offers flexible commercial plans starting at $75/agent/month on annual contracts with volume discounts available:

  • Standard: Includes essential live chat, email, reporting and omni-channel routing capabilities.
  • Professional: Adds predictive routing, workforce optimization, mobile applications and advanced analytics.
  • Enterprise: Custom bundles for 50+ agent environments with additional customization, 24/7 support and business reviews.

Deployment usually takes 6-8 weeks including data migration, configuration, testing and training support by VanillaSoft specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about VanillaSoft:

Q: What types of businesses does it best suit?

A: VanillaSoft is ideal for any business focusing on exceptional customer care across multiple channels like insurance, financial services, healthcare and more.

Q: How customizable is the platform?

A: VanillaSoft allows extensive configuration via its user interface and APIs. However, complex coding changes require consulting services.

Q: What about security and uptime?

A: VanillaSoft is SOC2 Type 2 compliant with advanced encryption, firewalls and disaster recovery processes to ensure 99.9% uptime.

Q: How is support handled?

A: 24/7 priority support is included via phone, email and web portal. VanillaSoft also provides ongoing training, weekly newsletters and an active online community.

Q: Can it integrate with my other systems?

A: Yes, VanillaSoft connects seamlessly with leading CRM, marketing and billing platforms through pre-built connectors and open APIs.

Q: Can you provide more examples of businesses that have seen positive results using VanillaSoft?

A: Yes, here are a few more specific examples of businesses that have achieved good results using VanillaSoft:

  • A large bank reduced average handle time by 3 minutes by enabling agents to quickly retrieve customer information and payment histories within conversations using VanillaSoft’s predictive customer profile views.
  • A home security company lowered abandoned contact rates by 30% after implementing a VanillaSoft IVR system integrated with smart home devices. Customers could now arm/disarm systems or check status using voice commands.
  • A tech startup marketing a new smartphone saw sales conversions increase 18% after launching a VanillaSoft-powered websitehelpdesk function. The integrated knowledge base and live chat options effectively addressed common product questions.
  • An online pet food retailer boosted customer lifetime value 10% through personalized service facilitated by VanillaSoft interaction management. Agents greeted customers by name, referred to past orders, and recommended complementary products based on purchase history.
  • A healthcare provider minimized escalations and repeat calls 25% by empowering nurses and administrators to self-diagnose issues using VanillaSoft’s unified reporting. The platform’s analytics pinpointed equipment requiring maintenance to prevent future problems.
  • A travel company increased direct bookings 12% by enabling customers to complete reservations directly within VanillaSoft messaging conversations with agents instead of being transferred to the website.

These illustrate how VanillaSoft streamlines service delivery, personalizes engagements, captures cross-sell opportunities, and boosts process efficiency across various verticals.

Q: Can you explain how VanillaSoft’s unified reporting helps healthcare providers diagnose issues?

A: Sure, VanillaSoft’s unified reporting capabilities provide particular benefits for healthcare providers working to minimize issues and repeat calls. Here are some details:

  • Through integrated analytics across all contact channels (phone, messaging, emails), providers gain full visibility into recurring topics, locations, or equipment tied to support requests.
  • Dashboards present metrics like call volumes, response times, resolutions by issue type, geographic hotspots, and seasonal trends over time.
  • This helps pinpoint specific nurses, rooms, or devices mentioned most frequently in past patient/staff queries that may need proactive maintenance to prevent problems from arising.
  • For example, if a certain vital signs monitor is the subject of repeated how-to questions or technical glitches, administrators can schedule it for calibrations or updates rather than waiting for further disruptions.
  • Machine learning algorithms in VanillaSoft may even detect patterns administrators missed, identifying niche correlations that lead directly to resolutions.
  • By arming healthcare workers with these actionable insights, they can resolve issues more rapidly, whethertriaging patients over video chat or addressing technical support inquiries informed by past experiences.
  • The result is disrupted care services minimized and continuity of patient care optimized through a proactive, data-driven approach to potential points of failure.

In summary, VanillaSoft is a powerful yet user-friendly choice for modern contact centers requiring scalable omnichannel, workforce optimization and real-time analytics capabilities. Their free trial allows hands-on exploration.

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