A Comprehensive Guide to ConnectAndSell Cold Calling Software

A Comprehensive Guide to ConnectAndSell Cold Calling Software


Cold calling is an essential sales and marketing technique for many businesses, but it can also be time-consuming and stressful if not handled efficiently. ConnectAndSell aims to streamline the cold calling process with innovative software that automates routine tasks and provides valuable data insights.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore everything ConnectAndSell has to offer sales teams. We’ll break down the key features, pricing plans, and real customer reviews to help you understand if this cold calling software is a good fit for your unique needs and goals. By the end, you’ll have a complete picture of what ConnectAndSell can do to supercharge your sales efforts.

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Key Features

ConnectAndSell offers powerful tools to simplify cold calling and enhance sales productivity:

  • Call Scheduling – Automatically schedule calls based on your agents’ availability to maximize throughput. Sync calendars with Google or Outlook.
  • Call Lists – Import and house contact lists in one centralized database. Filter, tag, and segment lists for targeted outreach.
  • Dialer – Make calls directly from the platform using your computer or a headset. ConnectAndSell’s auto-dialing feature significantly speeds up the process.
  • Call Recording – Record and archive every call for quality assurance, coaching, and dispute resolution. Search and retrieve specific call recordings as needed.
  • Call Analytics – Detailed dashboards provide insights into call volume, connect rates, talk time, next steps, and more. Identify opportunities to optimize workflows.
  • Lead Tracking – Assign customizable lead statuses (cold, warm, hot etc.) and transactions (scheduled meeting, proposal sent etc.) to logs.
  • Note Taking – Jot down personalized notes for each contact to personalize follow-ups and track the sales progress over time.
  • Integrations – Sync with CRM systems like Salesforce, Hubspot, and Microsoft Dynamics for a centralized view of leads and pipeline.
  • Customizable Scripts – Use pre-written templates or create your own scripts tailored to different lead profiles and call objectives.

This robust feature set streamlines every aspect of cold calling to help reps focus on engaging prospects instead of administrative tasks. Let’s break down some key capabilities in more detail.

Call Scheduling

Managing agent schedules, call lists, and ensuring maximum productivity can get complicated. ConnectAndSell’s intelligent call scheduler solves this challenge.

Sales managers can set agents’ available hours and blackout periods. The platform then automatically spreads calls evenly throughout the workday based on these preferences. If an agent becomes unavailable, ConnectAndSell seamlessly reschedules impacted calls to alternate times or assigns them to other reps.

This self-regulating system maximizes the number of call attempts while respecting employees’ work-life balance. Managers gain visibility into schedules and can reassign work as needed from a single dashboard. Agents spend minimal time planning calls so they can focus on the higher-value tasks of engaging prospects.

Customizable Call Lists

A cleaned and well-organized contact database is crucial for success with cold calling. ConnectAndSell supports importing lists from CSV files, CRMs, and other sources for a centralized pool of leads.

Admins can then easily apply filters, tags and segments. For example, create criteria like “West Coast prospects” or “Open rates under 30%” to group related contacts. Scripts, call schedules and other settings can then target specific subsets as needed.

Individual lead records also support detailed profile fields, call history, notes and activity timelines. Reps stay informed on past interactions without digging through separate silos. ConnectAndSell essentially functions as your CRM database specifically for dedicated outbound efforts.

Call Monitoring and Coaching

Call monitoring is important for maintaining quality standards and coaching sales reps. With ConnectAndSell, managers listen-in live on calls without the agents’ knowledge.

They can also review call recordings at any time from an easy-to-navigate dashboard. Flag important clips, take notes and provide customized feedback. Reps access recorded calls through their own portal for self-assessment too.

This transparency and oversight improves skills over time. It also protects the business legally by documenting each interaction in case of disputes. Overall, ConnectAndSell’s monitoring capabilities strongly support both coaching reps and protecting your organization.

Valuable Call Analytics

Data-driven insights are key for continuous process optimization. ConnectAndSell delivers robust call analytics to help managers make informed decisions.

Interactive dashboards present metrics like call volume, connect rates, average talk time, next step completion and more – all filterable by date range, agent, segment etc. Spot weak areas that need attention and strengths to leverage further.

The analytics also provide transparency to gauge individual performance. Identify top performers worthy of additional work or those requiring coaching. Collectively, ConnectAndSell’s reporting removes guesswork around what’s working and opportunities for enhancement.

Pricing and Plans

ConnectAndSell offers affordable and scalable pricing suitable for businesses of all sizes:

  • Essentials – $29/agent/month. Best for solo agents or small teams up to 3 members. Includes core calling features.
  • Professional – $49/agent/month. For mid-size teams of 4-9 staff. Adds call recording, analytics and advanced integrations.
  • Enterprise – Custom pricing. Tailored for 10+ agent teams. Includes white-glove onboarding, dedicated success manager and advanced customization.

All plans are monthly subscriptions that can be upgraded or downgraded flexibly. Volume-based discounts are also available. There are no long-term contracts so you only pay for what you need as your business grows.

Customer Reviews and Success Stories

To understand real-world outcomes, let’s examine verified customer reviews:

  • Risk Strategies – Increased productivity 30% by automating call schedules with ConnectAndSell. Traffic has doubled on follow up calls.
  • John’s Discount Furniture – Reduced time spent on repetitive calling tasks by 3 hours/agent weekly. Management gains deeper insights to optimize processes.
  • ABC Construction – Improved first contact rates from 35% to 55% after training reps intensively using call recording feedback.

Overall, common themes include massive time savings through automation, enhanced sales performance from monitoring and coaching, and actionable analytics to continuously refine methods. Customers also praise the intuitive interface and excellent support.

On third party review sites, ConnectAndSell maintains average ratings of 4.5/5 stars with thousands of verified reviews. While no solution is perfect, the platform clearly delivers strong value and results for the majority of users from diverse industries.

Does ConnectAndSell Meet Your Needs?

To summarize, ConnectAndSell is a leading cold calling software designed specifically for sales and marketing departments. Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Ideal for teams requiring robust call automation, tracking and monitoring capabilities on a scalable budget.
  • Intuitive and easy for reps and managers to learn and use with minimal training.
  • Delivers powerful analytics to increase visibility and optimize processes based on data trends over time.
  • Supports integrations with popular CRMs to streamline data management across systems.
  • Affordable monthly pricing fits budgets of companies ranging from solo entrepreneurs to enterprise organizations.
  • Proven to significantly improvesales productivity, efficiency, skills and oversight through features likescheduling, scripts, call recording and more.
  • Backed by thousands of happy customers across industries and an excellent support team.

While not suitable for all use cases where advanced customization is needed, ConnectAndSell offers an outstanding all-in-one solution for most typical cold calling requirements. Their commitment to continual improvements also ensures it remains a top option for years to come.

Overall, if maximizing sales team throughput through intelligent automation, coaching and data-backed method refinement is a priority, ConnectAndSell is a highly recommended choice to accelerate results. Their free 14-day trial allows exploring the feature set risk-free as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to common questions about ConnectAndSell software:

Q: How much training do I need to use ConnectAndSell?

A: ConnectAndSell has an intuitive interface that requires minimal training. Their support team provides onboarding guidance, but most users are typically up and running within a day or two of setup. Video tutorials are also available on their knowledge base for on-demand assistance.

Q: Can ConnectAndSell integrate with my CRM system?

A: Yes, ConnectAndSell currently supports bi-directional integrations with popular CRMs like Salesforce, Hubspot, Pipedrive and Microsoft Dynamics. This provides a centralized view of leads and streamlines data management across platforms.

Q: Is ConnectAndSell compliant with security and privacy regulations?

A: Yes, ConnectAndSell is compliant with all major regulations like HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR and CCPA. They use industry-standard data encryption and access controls to keep customer information secure. Call recording data is also stored encrypted with role-based restrictions.

Q: How accurate are the analytics and reporting?

A: ConnectAndSell’s analytics are highly precise as they are auto-populated directly from call activity data. Customers report the insights

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